11/11/2010 22:42 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Strop Of The Week: Candy What?

Strop Scene:

Sweetie aisle in supermarket. 13.30pm. Had promised Stropper it could have one packet of tooth rotters of its choice, as reward for previous good behaviour. Stropper scanned the aisle, looked at me in disappointment and asked,

"But where are the candy knives?

The what?

Strop Cause:

Apparently the Supermarket's refusal to stock "candy knives", whatever those may be.

Strop Symptoms:

In all fairness, less of a strop more of a collapse of mortification and disappointment.

Strop Solution:

Not easy when one is unsure, nay baffled as to the strop cause. Patience of Job required as Stropper continued though sobs of frustration to ask where the "candy knives" were. What seemed, under the circumstances, like a day and a half later Stropper managed to throw light on the situation.

"You know mummy, like in the song, He's a jolly good fellow..."

Come on woman think, think. Sings song through in head. Ahhhh

"He's a jolly good fe-e-lloowww, which nobody candy knives"

First, try not to laugh. Second get out of supermarket which is beginning to feel like second home. Lots and lots of explanation in car on way home. Purchace of Haribo Vampire Teeth which are apparently cool but not as good as candy knives!

Dismay Factor Percentage:

0% Just monumental effort not to laugh too much and patience of gargantuan proportions.

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