12/11/2010 08:06 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Kindness Day UK Launches 13 November

So we've got World Peace Day, National Doodle Day (honest), and now - from November 13 - Kindness Day UK.

The idea of children's charity founder David Jamilly, who appeared on TV's Secret Millionaire, and humanitarian Louise Burfitt-Dons, it's a timely bid to make kindness a more conscious and valued part of everyday life here in Britain.

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Celebrity support

Russell Brand, Nigella Lawson and Holly Willoughby are among a host of big-hearted stars giving it the thumbs up. What good deeds will they be doing on the day, I wonder?

But back to the facts.

Kindness Day UK is inviting everybody in the UK to perform at least one act of kindness or good deed on November 13 (and beyond).

Show some love

Here are some short 'n' snappy suggestions:

1. Buy lunch for a friend, colleague or homeless person

2. Explain to someone special why you love them and why you're glad they're in your life

3. Thank someone for something specific they did for you

4. Invite friends or family over for an impromptu dinner and cook for them

5. If someone's upset or angry, rather than reacting, try to understand how they might be feeling.

"Just imagine what the UK will be like when materialism is balanced by generosity and giving" says David, who made his millions through organising parties and events for the rich and famous.

"I do believe the time is now for a re-assessment of the excesses of previous decades. I have witnessed countless times throughout my life how one small act of kindness can have ripple effects that go on to create a tidal wave" he adds.

David and Louise are lobbying the United Nations to recognise World Kindness Day as an official national day.

Will you be joining in the first ever Kindness Day UK? What nice things do you plan to do?

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