19/11/2010 07:06 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Diary Of A 6-Year-Old: Black &Amp; White Countries

It's not fair that I have to go to bed before mummy and daddy. I do though. Sometimes I can hear the television downstairs in the lounge and that's even worse because I'm not allowed to watch very much television. They can watch as much as they want.

I can't wait to be a grown up.

Mummy and daddy don't notice, but when I feel like it I get out of bed and sit at the top of the stairs. They forget sometimes to close the lounge door and then I can see what they are watching on TV. It's usually boring, just people talking and no dogs or dinosaurs. Last night though, the picture on the television was all grey and the people were dressed all funny in hats. Nobody was wearing anything in a colour. Even the trees were grey.

In the morning I really wanted to ask which country was on the TV because it was definitely not England. England is in colour. So is France. It definitely is. I've been there. I wanted to know which country it was so I know not to go there. It didn't look very friendly. I couldn't ask though because then mummy and daddy would know I'd got out of bed.

I asked Emily. She knows lots of stuff. She said she thinks it must have been Scotland, but probably only in the winter time. Steven McDonald went a bit red and said it definitely wasn't Scotland. He should know. He said it might be a place called Melting Keys. Or something.

I suppose I will have to ask mummy. I'll wait until she is in a good mood so she doesn't shout. Maybe at the weekend. She likes weekends.

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