19/11/2010 08:03 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

HermèS Teaches East London The Art Of Tying A Scarf

Henry Holland channels old lady chic with his Hermès scarf. Photo courtesy of Hermès

The Hermès silk scarf might be every wardrobe's classic luxury item (at least, it is in our dreams), but the French fashion house injected a bit of a East London street style into the mix last night. Hermès has set up camp a East at Rochelle School of Art for a few days, before moving West to Ledbury Road, with its "J'aime mon Carré! I Love My Scarf!" pop-up in London.

Visitors to the boutique, which officially opens tomorrow, will be treated to a scarf-tying masterclass - with the aim of turning London's most stylish into adept Hermès scarf wearers, before getting snapped for the website in their newly styled creations. And we're thrilled to see that party attendee Henry Holland mastered washer woman chic with aplomb.

At the party, MyDaily spotted other familiar faces including Eliza Doolittle, Ben Grimes, Lulu Kennedy, Beatrix Ong and Dominic Jones, who were all sporting fabulous scarves. For more information about the project and to see more photos, head to the Hermès website now!