22/11/2010 18:05 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Always Wanted A Kelly Bag? Walk Inside One At Selfridges

Walk in Kelly bag, Selfridges The walk in Kelly handbag. Photo courtesy of Selfridges

If there's one bag you have to see at Selfridges this Christmas, it's the iconic Hermès Kelly handbag.

The two famous brands have joined forces to create the Kellydoscope - a walk in experience that reveals the secret goings on inside one of the most luxurious accessories.

Found within the department store's Wonder Room, the 'It' bag is a staggering fifteen times bigger than the original classic style and once inside, the multi-sensory technology literally whisks you away on a glamorous journey as the owner carries her Kelly from a dancing session to a bicycle ride.

The Kellydoscope concept will be running until next Tuesday 30 November as part of the 'Play' theme at Selfridges this year. A fashion outing not to be missed.