23/11/2010 11:36 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Fun Ways To Get A Flat Tummy

It takes time and effort to get a sexy flat stomach - but who says it has to be boring? Check out our seven tips to getting a toned tummy the fun way!


1. High tech trainer
To get a flat stomach you need to lose fat from your middle, which means doing aerobic exercise for 30 minutes at least three times a week. If you like the idea of running but need extra motivation, you could do worse than have Paula Radcliffe as your personal trainer. The Nike+ system - special trainers that wirelessly transmit your performance to your iPod or iPhone - helps you set goals and targets. When you hit them, Paula will congratulate you over your headphones. Well worth the effort.

2. Get Wii Fit
The Wii Fit is the ultimate fun workout you can do at home, by yourself or with friends. You exercise on a balance board that uses sensors to measure your weight and track your movements. A virtual personal trainer demonstrates the exercises and gives feedback on your performance on your TV. There are lots of programmes to try, from yoga to step aerobics and snowboarding. Give hula hooping a whirl to work those oblique abdominal muscles.

3. Do the twist
Jump onto a twist board for a fun aerobic workout. The rotating board works your oblique abdominal muscles, which is great for slimming down a chunky waist. You can use ankle weights, a ball or resistance tubing with the board to keep things interesting. Remember to practice the movements on the ground before using the twister.

4. Stay on the ball
The next time you sit down to watch EastEnders swap your armchair for a fitness (aka Swiss) ball. You may feel silly at first, but sitting on the ball is a great tummy toner as your stomach muscles have to work hard to keep your balance and stop you falling off.

5. Do the plank
The plank pose is great for working the inner abdominal muscle that holds the stomach in and supports the spine. Get into the push-up position with your hands under your shoulders and feet together. Look down at the ground with your head in line with your spine. Hold the position for as long as you can. Remember to breath normally and pull your belly button back into your spine.

6. Eat your way to a flat tummy

Bloating usually means you're not digesting your food properly. Eat more fibre and drink plenty of water during the day to aid digestion and elimnation. Give up fizzy drinks, sugary snacks, chewing gum and alcohol and cut back on the amount of dairy products and pasta in your diet. Foods that are easy to digest include white fish, lean meat, carrots and rice.

7. Suck it in
By exercising the deep "corset" muscles that keep your back strong, you can improve your posture and give your stomach a flatter appearance. Simply pull in your stomach so your belly button is drawn back towards your spine. Keep breathing normally and hold it in for a count of 10. Do this as many times as you like during the day while waiting for the bus, out shopping or watching TV.