23/11/2010 16:10 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Stressed Brits Turn To Comfort Eating And Isolation

Hardly a week seems to go by right now without a new study or survey about stress and how it's affecting an increasing number of people. The latest report, by the Mental Health Foundation, asked what steps we take when we're stressed out. And instead of asking for help, the top methods turned out to be spending time on our own and snacking on comfort food.

Can eating ice cream really ease stress? Rex

Almost half of all those involved in the survey claimed they felt stressed at least once a week, with an alarming 21 of Londoners claiming they were stressed. After London, Liverpool and Milton Keynes rated the next most stressful places (yes, we're not sure why Milton Keynes is up there either).

But if you want to live a calmer, stress-free life, move to Bristol, where according to the survey, 56% of people rarely feel any pressure.

Another recent survey suggested more workers than ever are taking time off because of stress. So what should you do if you find work or home pressures becoming unbearable?

Talking about your problems - either with an understanding friend or a counsellor - is one way. Or you could try beating stress with activities such as yoga, t'ai chi, meditation or similar relaxation methods that include calming breathing techniques.

What's your favourite way to destress after a tense day?

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