29/11/2010 09:33 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Are Londoners The Meanest People In Britain?

If you get your purse stolen, you're best off being in Scotland when misfortune strikes.

The Scots can't resist a damsel in distress according to the first nationwide Annual Kindness Survey commissioned by Psychologies magazine in support of World Kindness Day.


Good samaritans
Northwards is also where you're most likely to be shown the kindness of strangers. Nearly twice as many people from the North East than London would stop to help someone crying in the street, with 39% of Londoners saying they would keep on walking past them. Ouch.

Likewise, nearly half of all Londoners would also ignore an elderly man that had fallen down, where two thirds of people from the West Midlands would rush to help him (go West Midlanders!)

Lousy Londoners
Ever made a distress call during a crisis in the middle of the night? Think twice about reaching for the phone if your friend's a Londoner. They're the most likely to ignore latenight calls from friends – they'll assume you're drunk.

Those in the East of England have another tactic; they just turn their phones off at night so they don't get bothered.

But things get cheerier in the North East, where people are the most loyal, too, nearly all answering calls in the middle of the night from friends in need. Aaaw.

The bloody Welsh
What about the Welsh, you ask? People in Wales give the most blood, says the survey, with nearly four times as many giving blood regularly compared with those in the South West.

Are you a Londoner? Do think the survey results are a true picture of life in the capital?

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