09/12/2010 07:55 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Bye Bye From The Twins: Slugs, Snails And Puppy Dog Tales

It's been fun, but it's the end of the road for Slugs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tales and as it's stars, the twins Zach and Jonah would say, it's time to say 'Byeeeee, byeeeee'. This is usually accompanied by manic waving and shrieks, but you will just have to imagine those.

I hope your reaction isn't as extreme as theirs once we are gone though, as usually just before you reach the door the cheer cries of bye, dissolve into full blown, snotty crying fits that would wrench at the strings of the hardest of hearts.

The only thing that enables me to ever leave them is the fact that I know the moment the door is closed, the tears switch off like a tap and they are back up to their usual mischief without a second thought for their absent mother.

Perhaps you will feel that way about Slugs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tales, but if you have enjoyed reading all about the twins' antics and want to carry on following my progress as the lone female in a house full of boys then please visit my blog at Four Down, Mum to Go. It's my New Year's resolution to ensure that it is regularly updated, so if you miss us, you know where to find us.

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