10/12/2010 13:06 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Blog Of The Week: Eat Like A Girl

Photo: Niamh Shields

The lowdown: Home cook and lover of all things scrumptious, Niamh Shields is the writer behind popular food blog Eat Like a Girl. She aims to share her favourite recipes and recommendations and each post is as engaging as it is personal. Oh, and if you were wondering about the title, the kind of girl you'll be eating like is the type who is happy tucking into everything from a slab of roast belly pork to some delicious homemade paneer cheese.

What we love: As well as easy-to-follow recipes, Niamh posts a whole variety of food-related content such as reviews of local supper clubs and restaurant menus. Last year she even had a market stall serving up a handpicked selection of her recipes to visitors.

Look out for:
We're big fans of the series of travel posts which detail Niamh's adventures abroad. The most recent covered her trip to Lapland to take in Sámi culture and cuisine - we learnt a huge amount about reindeer recipes! Previous posts cover trips to Sicily and Lyon and we're looking forward to reading future accounts of visits to Argentina, Japan, Canada & Australia!

Niamh Shields (left), Note from Montpelier Basement Supper Club (right). Photos: Niamh Shields