23/12/2010 11:34 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Home Style: 20 Questions With Pearl Lowe

Pearl Lowe: singer, author, fashion designer, interior designer, model, mother of four and one of the most stylish women you're ever likely to meet.

Perhaps currently best known for her distinctive personal style and for her ever more successful fashion line for Peacocks (catch it if you can), many people may not know that since long before the high street stores and fashion fame came calling, Pearl has produced her own stunning interiors range, Pearl Lowe. The delicately pretty curtains and cushions in Pearl's signature lace are just as desirable as her latest, 1940s-inspired high-end fashion collection, exclusive to London boutique, Viola.

Is there anything this woman can't do? We grabbed ten minutes of her day to talk home style...

As stylish as ever, Pearl Lowe at home. Pic: Courtesy of Pearl Lowe

1. We hear you've recently moved where do you now call home?

Somerset. We just moved, ten days ago, into a sweet little house in a valley. It's beautiful, with the most amazing views. I keep waking up every morning and pinching myself that we're here, I love it.

2. What drew you there and to the new house in particular?

We moved to Somerset three years ago, but to a town, so it wasn't particularly rural. It was a lovely house, but just not quite right because I really missed the countryside. We were looking for a house on its own and we found it. I don't think I'll ever move again – I want to be carried out of here in a box! My husband is saying [in the background] "That's cheery..."

3. A friend is popping round for a cuppa and a catch-up. Frantic tidy-up or take you as they find you?

I would tidy up – but I'm a bit OCD so I'm always tidying up anyway.

4. What three words would you most like people to use if describing your home?

Warm; welcoming; cosy.

5. Apart from your own, whose is the nicest home you've visited and why?

I have a friend, Lisa, down the road and she has the most amazing gothic house. She and her husband both have amazing taste and have managed to blend the old and the new perfectly. I always go round to her house and see what she's done and say there's no way I would ever have thought of doing that. I always get house envy whenever I'm there.

6. Where do you tend to shop for interiors stuff?

Since moving here I keep it local most of the time. There's an incredible street in Frome called Catherine Hill which has the best shabby chic antique shops. I also love Golborne Road in London.

It's Pearl the digitised version modelling her latest collection, available exclusively at Viola. Rose dress pictured. Pic: Courtesy of Pearl Lowe

7. When you move into a new home do you work with interior designers or is it all your own style?

I don't use them actually. This house is very modern, which isn't really my style, so I did think of bringing someone in this time to help as I wanted to bring it back to being a bit older, but I seem to be managing it myself. We've only been in for ten days but I've already ripped up all the carpets and painted the walls nice soft pastel colours so I haven't really needed help.

8. What was the first thing you bought for your new home?

Jo Malone candles – I love them.

9. What's on the walls in your home?

Art is not really our thing. Lots of our friends are artists though, so we do have their stuff up and people buy us art. So it's that and family photos.

10. Does your husband have much input into the style of your homes?

He does, yes – it's very much his house too. Our bedroom is a bit girly for him, but he let me have that.

11. What's the most you've ever splurged on a single item of furniture?

It was on a Shabby Chic sofa by Rachel Ashwell. It's really unlike me to splash out like that but I walked into the shop, saw it and just said: "Can I have that sofa please?" I went a bit mad – and I won't tell you how much it was – but I love it and look at it every day and think it's amazing.

12. What's the most amazing furniture bargain you've ever found?

Definitely a French dressing table chair that I got for £10 on ebay – I couldn't believe it when I won it!

13. Has each of your homes had a similar look or do you mix things up stylewise when you move from house to house?

I do have a definite look running through each house – shabby chic, white painted floors – that kind of thing, it's what I love. Antique furniture, flowery throws – definitely shabby chic. I actually have a ripped tub chair in [my daughter] Betty's bedroom and people see it and say "Are you going to get that repaired then or what?" but I love it as it is.

14. Is a garden important to you – are you green fingered?

Very important. The garden here is magical. I'm rubbish at gardening but I love sitting in it!

15. Are there any shops you miss now you're not in London?

I go to Last Place on Earth on Latimer Road and Judith Michael & Daughter in Primrose Hill whenever I'm back in London - they're both amazing.

16. Where do you tend to spend most of your time when you're at home?

Now, in this house, we've got an open-plan kitchen which we've never had before so we're in there quite a lot. And we've also got a snug for the first time, which is great. It's very appealing to sit in there by the fire.

17. Is your home filled with your own amazing lace creations?

Yes, lots – curtains, cushions, bedspreads. I've always made my own stuff because I can't find what I want in the shops.

18. You've been doing interiors for almost 10 years - what are your most popular items?

The bespoke lace curtains – definitely, they've been my bread and butter for years. I think they do so well because no one else really does anything similar – and I can make them to fit any window, so they're really popular.

19. Are your children allowed to style their own bedrooms?

My 14-year-old is into art and graffiti and he's got the attic, which I wanted to be green, but he said no it had to be white with graffiti – he's at the age where I had to let him. Betty wanted a pink room, like she'd had in the last house, but her room is a lovely yellow so instead I let her have pink cupboards and things but not pink everywhere.

20. No home should be without...what?

An AGA – in the country you need one to keep warm.

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