24/12/2010 14:29 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Be A Better Boozer

Does it feel like wherever you turn, drinks parties are being arranged? Parties are great for having a laugh with friends and colleagues, but are not so kind on your poor liver. We find out how to be a better party boozer and avoid festive burnout.

How can you be a better party drinker? Photo: Getty

Prep your body
If you arrive at the pub having eaten some toast for breakfast and a salad at noon, don't expect to wake up the next morning without a hangover. Line your stomach with a protein-based meal such as an omelette or chicken curry, and eat your lunch a bit later than usual. That way when you start drinking it won't go straight to your head and make you instantly tipsy.

Eat snacks
Grab a handful of nuts, or some cheese and crackers, while you're sipping your wine. Eating whilst drinking can help to slow down the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream and keep you on top party form.

Know your unit limit
Set the maximum number of units of alcohol you're prepared to drink over the course of a night out, and stick to it. If you feel lost without a drink in your hand, order a glass of white wine and a small bottle of soda water. As you drink the wine, top it up with soda - you'll find it lasts much longer this way.

Be sneaky
Some party hosts are outraged if they see you without something alcoholic or hear that you're limiting your drinking. If you want to be subtle about it, drink cola or diluted apple juice in a wine glass and no one will be the wiser.

Time it
Use the stopwatch on your phone to space out your drinking. Research has shown that people are often influenced by the pace at which the people around them drink, so if you're with a group of fast drinkers you'll end up consuming more alcohol than usual. If you finish your drink before the time's up, have a glass of water or soft drink instead. Aim for a drink an hour to give your body time to break down the alcohol - any faster than that and you could be on the road to becoming a drunken floozy.

Cash only
Ever woken up after a big night out and winced when you checked your bank balance? Before you start drinking, take out a set amount of cash, so you're not tempted - in your carefree, inebriated state - to order magnums of champagne and pay for a round for the whole pub.

Take the night off
if you have a week of parties in front of you, choose the one you're least looking forward to and cancel. Having a night off drinking will let your body recover and help you to enjoy your busy social schedule more.

The morning after
If you've been naughty and over indulged, don't head straight for the coffee pot on an empty stomach. Refuel with toast, cereal and a glass of orange juice to get your body back into gear.