27/12/2010 18:13 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

ParentView: Chocolate Pizza For Father's Day

We all know how yummy pizza is, and chocolate is even better, and now some genius has decided to put the two together in a range of Gourmet Chocolate Pizzas. Despite the name, there is no doughy base – this pizza is chocolate through and through.

The company sent me one of their special Father's Day edition chocolate pizzas to try out. With dad's big day coming up on 20th June, this is a fun novelty gift for any father who needs a change from Toblerone.

The Father's Day chocolate pizza is made of a Belgian chocolate base, covered in milk chocolate shavings. It's embedded with colourful rainbow drops and white chocolate-coated honeycomb balls (Smarties and Maltesers, in other words). The pizza is finished with a solid chocolate plaque decorated with the words 'Happy Father's Day'. So that is dad's bit, and the rest of the family can divide up the rest

I explained to my children that this section is called 'ParentView', therefore their opinion was not required on this occasion. But the cheeky little blighters ignored me and insisted on trying a slice for themselves.


Now I am quite snooty when it comes to chocolate (having a refined palate is the best way not to be tempted by the rubbish that passes for children's chocolate), but quality-wise, this is not bad at all. It's a 34% Belgian milk chocolate and very tasty. The chocolate shavings have a tendency to drop off, but that just gives you something to lick off your T-shirt later. It sits inside a plastic inset in the box, so whilst the box would suit a 9" pizza, the chocolate itself is only about 7" across. It didn't last us long, but that could be because it was delicious and we are gannets.

The company also does individual pizza slices which would make a good alternative to party bags.

The Father's Day chocolate pizza is available from the Gourmet Chocolate Pizza website, and independent stockists including Harrods, Fenwicks and Heals, priced at £8.95