27/12/2010 13:10 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

ParentView: Thorntons Chocolates For Father's Day

Last week we looked at the special chocolate pizza that's been produced for Father's Day. Retailers have really cottoned on to the fact that Dad's got a sweet tooth, and this week we're looking at what Thorntons have to offer.

Thorntons does a lovely range of chocolate shapes, including animals and princesses, and here's a tip for all parents - the next time your child is invited to a party and you don't know what to get, nip down to Thorntons and get one of their choccie shapes iced with the birthday child's name. So many children have unusual names these days that it's a real treat to get something personalised, and the party mum will probably love you too since she will snaffle half of it. I've bought these several times for children's parties and they've always gone down well.

But anyway, back to Dad since his big day is coming up on 20 June. This confectioner's range for dads is huge, as you can see here on the website, or in high street stores. We were sent three to try out: the milk chocolate football boot, I Love Dad truffles and the milk chocolate football shirt.
Taste-wise, I liked the I Love Dad truffles (RRP £2.99) the best, since they had the most interesting texture. You get four milk chocolate cups with a smooth butter truffle filling and a milk chocolate heart. The small flat box makes this good for posting if your dad's far away.

The Milk Chocolate Shirt (RRP £3.99) is basically a simple flat chocolate bar in the shape of a football shirt, but it can be personalised instore with any message of your choice. A little treat for a footie fan whose team has done well. Or commiserations if they've lost a match. There's always a reason for chocolate.

The Milk Chocolate Football Boot (RRP £3.99) comes with intricate white and dark chocolate finishing, and can also be personalised. The Thorntons website claims this is "Al most too good to eat". They clearly weren't peeking round our house when this arrived, because it was demolished in about 5 minutes flat.

Dad of the house gave all of these the thumbs up. I enjoyed them too, but would like to see some more up-to-date shapes for non-sporty types. What about a chocolate laptop or iphone for gadget dad?