04/01/2011 15:17 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Improve Your Job Prospects: Wear Glasses

If 2011 is the year you've promised yourself you'll land your dream job, here's an interview tip from the College of Optometrists. According to a study carried out by the college's researchers, a third of people in this country think wearing glasses makes you look more professional while 43 have worn or have considered wearing glasses - even pairs with plain lenses - to a job interview because they think it boosts their chances of improving their career or getting a new job.

And while the old saying suggests men don't make passes at girls wearing glasses, according to the survey 9 wear plain glasses as a fashion accessory.

Whether or not people who wear glasses at job interviews are more successful than non-bespectacled interviewees has yet to be proved, but psychologists suggest putting on glasses might boost your confidence because you think you look more professional.

Meanwhile in a separate study, Austrian researchers suggest taking a few moments to think about your ancestors before you take a job interview or an exam could boost your chances of success.

It sounds bizarre, but the researchers, whose findings are published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, claim thinking about the hardships your ancestors had to overcome could actually affect your brain and boost your intellectual performance.

Weird or what?

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