06/01/2011 15:17 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Diary Of A 6-Year-Old: Definitely Not Jealous

Father Christmas brought Simon McDonald a brand new bike. It's yellow with fire and gears and he didn't even have that on his list! My bike doesn't have gears. They make you go faster up-hill I think. Mummy said feeling jealous is not a good thing and I should be thankful for my presents. And I am.

I got brilliant presents. Father Christmas definitely got my letter but I don't think he read it right to the end. Dad said maybe he couldn't read my writing. Anyway I got the Lego castle which was at number one.

Emily got roller-skates. She said they are better than Simon's bike and faster. I think she is jealous too. I heard her asking Mrs Thompson if she could paint flames on the side of her roller-skates in art.

We had to write a thank-you letter to Father Christmas today in school. Mrs Thompson said it would probably be best if I didn't write about Simon's bike in my letter. I wrote this:

Dear Father Christmas,

Thank you very very much for my presents. The Lego castle is brilliant and I love it lots. How did you know I wanted that dinosaur book even though I forgot to put it on my list? I hope you have a good sleep after all your work and the remainders enjoyed the carrots and the mince pie was still warm.

PS: Do you have any more bikes with gears like Simon McDonald's? Maybe somebody was naughty and didn't get theirs?

If it's a PS I don't think it counts.