07/01/2011 12:20 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Personal Trainer Matt Roberts On Diets That Do Work

There's nary a celebrity these days that doesn't have a fitness guru guiding them into paparazzi-friendly shape (even the PM's at it). One of the best is the dishy Matt Roberts.

Matt kick-started the personal training phenomenon by opening London's first exclusive one-to-one personal training centre in 1995. And can lay claim to creating some of the most famous physiques in fashion, including Tom Ford, Naomi Campbell and John Galliano. Today, he's as in demand as ever, charging £150 for an hour of his time.

As the New Year detox and fitness frenzy gained momentum, we snuck up to the über-trainer to talk about beautiful bodies and diets that work.

Matt Roberts, one of the UK's leading personal trainers

Your tips for those planning a new year's fitness plan?
Make a clear plan for the six months ahead of you and aim to make small changes on a weekly basis rather than diving straight into everything at once.

Are celebs bodies really like the rest of ours? Do they just work harder to look good?
Bodies are the same whether someone is a celebrity or not, all that changes is the motivation and pressure. Being in the limelight produces both in equal quantities, and this can be harnessed and used effectively. Think in the same way and set yourself clear deadlines.

The most beautiful body you've ever seen is....
Naomi Campbell.

What's the most common trouble spot you work with, and how?
It varies on every person, both in terms of where the trouble spots might be and how to deal with them. Bodies respond in different ways and a good trainer knows how to adapt and press the right buttons.

What do you say to and do with women who lack confidence in the way they look?
My first priority is make someone feel good, and to make sure that there as many positive postural corrections as possible, early in the programme. Carrying yourself well, no matter what your size, is a great way to feel more confident.

There's no point denying to someone the fact that changes need to be made. This needs to be addressed head on, but the clear path to change is vital in giving someone hope, the antidote to despair.

Where do you stand on dieting?
Balanced, low GI, low fat eating, avoiding processed foods and unnecessary sugars. No fads, no nonsense.

What foods are no-go in your opinion?
Processed foods that have more than two grams of salt per serving. Or more than 18 grams of fat per serving.

And which get the green light?
Too long a list to write down, but the answer is really based on those above.

The best piece health advice you've been given is...

You're never to old to start exercising and you're never too young to die of bad health.