07/01/2011 14:59 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

The Good Handbag-Sized Snack Guide

If you rarely get time to sit down for a proper lunch you probably make do with a quick coffee and packet of crisps - or worse, nothing at all. No wonder you're ravenous and feel like you're running on empty by supper time.

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Snacking can help fill the gap between meals, even when you're super busy. Just make your snacks as nutritious as possible or you'll end up even more hungry. Try our handbag-size suggestions:

Savoury snacks
Sushi Grab a snack-size pack of sushi from the sandwich shop before you get to work - a few pieces of sushi are far lower in calories than the average doorstop sandwich. Try some salmon nigri, which has omega-3 essential fatty acids, or a couple of cucumber rolls (the seaweed is rich in iron).

Rice cakes with Marmite If you're a fan of Marmite-flavour crisps you'll feel much fuller after four rice cakes with Marmite spread (and the B vitamins in real Marmite will give you energy). Still got a yearning for crisps? Have a bag of Twiglets instead (they're lower in calories). Or go for baked crisps, which are 70% lower in fat than regular crisps.

Prunes wrapped in prosciutto Cut a slice of prosciutto ham into three or four pieces, then wrap each around a stone-free dried prune for a high-fibre, high-protein filler.

Popcorn with soy sauce Yes, we know, who's got time to pop corn before work? But trust us, it'll be worth it. Just heat half a cup of popping corn in a non-stick saucepan and leave the lid on. it only takes a minute or two. Then sprinkle with soy sauce (or drizzle with honey if you prefer your popcorn sweet).

Spicy seeds Forget roasted peanuts, seeds are just as tasty - and lower in calories. Fry a handful of pumpkin and sunflower seeds in a splash of olive oil for a couple of minutes, place in a container and add a pinch of your favourite spices (try chilli, garam masala, cinnamon and ginger).

Sweet treats
Blueberry smoothie Make one at home and bottle it to take to work. Blend skimmed milk and a handful of blueberries, adding a teaspoon or two of Greek yoghurt for extra protein to keep you feeling full. Failing that, a shop-bought smoothie will do, but watch out as they tend to be higher in sugar and calories than home-made.

Dates stuffed with almonds Perfect for when you get sugar cravings mid-afternoon, the protein in the almonds stops the sugar from the dates getting into your bloodstream too quickly. Take four or five dried, stone-free dates and place an almond in each.

Liquorice If you have a hankering for some old-fashioned sweeties such as pear drops or fruit sherberts, switch to liquorice. As well as satisfying your sweet tooth, liquorice helps support your adrenal glands, which is helpful during times of stress.

Chocolate-coated peanuts If, however, you're more of a chocolate fan, instead of your usual bar try a packet of chocolate-coated peanuts such as peanut M&Ms. The nuts provide protein and help slow down the release of sugar from the chocolate too.

What's your favourite snack? Is it easy to make?