11/01/2011 18:01 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Rachel Zoe Shares Her Style Secrets

The inimitable Rachel and Brad. Photo: Strike Media

When it comes to Hollywood stylists, Rachel Zoe wrote the book, got the T-shirt, and convinced a celebrity to walk the red carpet wearing it. Her client list includes Cameron Diaz, Mischa Barton and the Olsens, but her fur gilets, bitchy one-liners and bananas lifestyle has, arguably, made her more notorious than most of her clients. And the current series of The Rachel Zoe Project showing on Really reminds us exactly why she's our favourite reality TV indulgence. Rachel tells MyDaily about her style crushes and the importance of high heels.

The Zoe's guide to good dressing:

1. When in doubt, take something off - if it seems like too much, it probably is!
Take a photo of yourself from each angle and in different lights. It may sound vain but you'll soon see any problem areas.
3. Don't be too concerned with everything matching; it's more effortless to just mix things up a little.
4. Remember that everything looks better with heels on.
5. Don't let hair and makeup overpower your natural beauty, they should complement the real you.

The Zoe's most stylish celebrities:

Cameron Diaz - she's the perfect mix of California cool and tomboy-chic with an effortless style that is unique to her. Cameron never does the expected and always adds a pop of colour to her look. Wear a perfect pair of jeans with a bright, unexpected shoe to channel Cameron.

Kate Hudson - Kate epitomises bohemian glamour and has a relaxed, everyday style. She loves fashion, and rocks everything with a huge smile. Wear lots of layers and an oversized scarf to get her look.

Demi Moore - Chic, but with an edge, Demi tends to favour greys and black. Her perfectly tailored looks never overwhelm her. Wear a classic black dress, hair loose and a great coat to get the Demi look.

Anne Hathaway
- She has such great "actress off-duty"style. Anne likes to rock the androgynous look, with a downtown flavour by day, and does the red carpet with grace and style. Pair saddle shoes with an Oxford shirt to look like her.

Eva Mendes - She's a young Sophia Loren who exudes sensuality without trying. Her favourite outfit is a tailored cocktail dress. Do Eva's street style with a hat, great coat and a tightly-fitting pair of jeans.

Bananas about Team Zoe? Catch her weeknights 9pm on Really (Sky 248, Virgin 267) - and if you can't wait, take a look at Rachel in action - with Demi no less - in the video below.