12/01/2011 14:46 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Slimming Product Round-Up

We've lost count of the number of times we've said we're going to lose weight in January, especially after a particularly excessive Christmas and New Year food and drinks wise. But the going is always tough. So what about products that help you slim, we wondered?

There is, of course, a multitude of pills, potions and gadgets you can spend your hard-earned cash on, especially at this time of year. So we've rounded up some of the most interesting ones from 2010, as well as some that are new this year. We can't guarantee they will produce results, however. So if you do try any of them, we'd love to know if they worked for you...,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=966773&pid=966772&uts=1292931394

Slimming products of 2010

A cranberry-flavoured drink that helps you burn calories? Apparently so, according to a trial carried out at Leeds Metropolitan University, where tests showed downing one can burns an average of 209 calories in the three hours after drinking.

Why? It's all down to the so-called thermogenic ingredients, including green tea, caffeine and the amino acid l-carnitine.

Priced £1.59 per can and available at Holland and Barrett.

Slimming products of 2010

Researchers studying the effect of this pre-meal drink claim it could cut the number of calories you eat by more than a quarter, since it makes you less hungry. That could be around 200 calories per meal, which isn't to be sniffed at when you're on a diet.

Fibretrim includes herbal extracts such as chicory root, which contains a type of soluble fibre called inulin (the idea being that the fibre helps fill you up before you eat).

Get it from, priced £24.95 for 20 sachets., priced £24.95 for 20 sachets.

Slimming products of 2010

If you used to play with Plah Doh whenyou were little, you might like this. Mohdoh is a mouldable dough that releases aromatherapy oils - the Slim version contains oils that may help reduce your appetite, including fennel, geranium, patchouli and rosemary.

So when you get a sugar craving, you just start kneading. Even the colour of the dough (blue) is designed to alleviate the anxiety associated with dieting.

At just £4.99, it could be worth a try (available from Boots).

Slimming products of 2010

If you prefer something a bit more high-tech than mouldable dough, the Food Watcher is an electronic device that you wear in your ear for just 10 minutes a day to reduce your appetite for up to four hours.

It sends transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) pulses to acupressure points in your earlobes to increase your level of the feel-good hormone serotonin. As a result, your stomach relaxes and you feel less hungry.

Fancy giving it a try? Buy it from - but start saving now, as it costs £99.99.

Slimming products of 2010

The main ingredient in this weight-loss supporting drink is a fibre called LuraLean, which apparently swells in your stomach so you don't feel so hungry.

It also includes metabolism-boosting l-carnitine and green tea extract, and is available from Harrods, Selfridges, Waitrose and Tesco, priced from £1.79.

During January Tesco is selling it for £1 a bottle (or you can buy one and get one free this month at Waitrose).

Slimming products of 2010

Made by Damart, these leggings will keep your pins toasty while the weather's cold. But the fabric they're made from also contains microcapsules of ingredients thought to reduce the appearance of cellulite, including Amazonian tree sap, red algae, horse chestnut, and red vine.

At £12 a pair, they're about the same price as ordinary leggings, so what's not to like? Buy them from

Slimming products of 2010

In 2010 several studies were published that suggested a nutrient found in chilli peppers - capsaisin - could help you burn more calories. But it could be a problem if you're not a fan of chilli.

But now there's Capsilite, capsaicin in pill form - just one capsule a day helps your body burn 280 extra calories, or so the makers claim.

If you want to try them, they cost £29.99 for a month's supply from

Slimming products of 2010

Available exclusively in the UK from the Michaeljohn online boutique Slim and Drain contains a blend of herbs that claims to promote not just long-term weight loss but also detoxification.

It contains a herb called DimaPlanta, which the makers reckon helps your body get rid of excess fat and excess water, so you're left with a more toned bod.

The cost is £33 for 15 10ml doses.

Slimming products of 2010

Four capsules of this supplement a day 'energises' your metabolism, helping you burn fat and increasing your energy levels.

At least those are the claims the product makes. The ingredients - including green tea and coffee, bitter orange peel, caffeine and cayenne - are all thought to boost metabolism, so there could be something in it.

Priced £44.95 for 100 capsules from Holland and Barrett.

Slimming products of 2010