17/01/2011 13:40 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Organic Milk Does You More Good

woman-drinking-organic-milk Organic milk may be healthier than non-organic milk. Photo: Getty Images

Whether or not organic food is better for you than non-organic food is a debate that will go on and on. But at least for today experts are suggesting organic milk is healthier than normal milk. Why? Because it has consistently higher levels of 'good' fats and lower levels of 'bad' fats.

The trouble with ordinary milk - that is, milk produced at a commercial dairy farm - is that the fat content can change according to the weather. For instance, the University of Newcastle researchers discovered ordinary milk contains more saturated ('bad') fat and less omega fatty acids ('good' fats) during times when the weather is particularly poor.

But organic milk has lower levels of saturated fat and higher levels of omega fats, regardless of the time of year or what the weather's like. Apparently it's all linked with the way organic dairy herds are fed in comparison to non-organic herds.

The main thing to bear in mind, according to the study published in the Journal of Dairy Science, is that organic milk may be between 30 - 50% lower in saturated fats than ordinary milk. That suggests it's better for your health, since saturated fats are thought to increase your cholesterol levels.

The study, which analysed 22 brands of milk sold in supermarkets, could see a revival in interest in organic foods, which has slumped since the beginning of the economic downturn.

Do you think organic food is better for you or is it a complete waste of money?

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