20/01/2011 14:11 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

14-Year-Old Boy Kicked Out Of School Over Suspicions He Is 24

Standing at 5' 8" in his stockinged-feet and weighing in at ten stones, Prince Summerfield certainly looks older than the 14-years his parents claim he is, but could this apparent schoolboy REALLY actually be a 24-year-old man?

That is the suspicion of teachers and staff at Petersfield School in Hampshire, who have suspended Prince until his parents can PROVE he is only 14.

The school claim he is a 'child protection risk'. His outraged parents insist he is just a schoolboy, his mother Ennettie angrily saying she would have had him at 'five years old' if he were indeed 24.

The school's headteacher Nigel Poole told reporters: 'When asked for his date of birth, he said September 24, 1986, before correcting himself to 1996.

'I would not be surprised if he was born in 1986 - he looks closer to 24 than 14. I believe I have been misled.'

Prince was born in Malawi and joined the school at the start of this term. He was sent home after two days, with a letter from the school informing his parents staff feared he was a 'danger' to other pupils. They said they needed proof of Prince's age 'to comply with our robust child protection policies'.

Nigel Poole said Prince's parents were 'far too quick' to produce the documentary proof, almost as though they expected to be challenged.

Prince has a Malawian birth certificate which states he was born September 24, 1996, The document, however was only registered on September 8, 2009.

His mother, Ennettie, 30, says: 'If the school's claims were true, I would have been five when I had him. I can't believe he was treated this way.'

Is the school over-reacting?

Or do you think they might have reason to be suspicious?