26/01/2011 09:16 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Diary Of A 6-Year-Old: The Hamster

Everybody's bored of Simon McDonald's pink plaster now. There's no room to write on it anymore and Mrs Thompson said no one is allowed to anyway. Not after what Scott Jones wrote. I didn't see it but Emily said, she heard it was a very bad word beginning with "S". I asked mummy what she thought and she said probably "Spit" or something similar. Mrs Thomson scribbled over it with her big black pen.

Anyway I don't care because I got the school hamster for a week. He's called Tonka, like the truck but I don't like that so I call him Wonka like Willy. If I say it into my pullover nobody really notices.

I was really excited to have him. I wanted him in my bedroom but wasn't allowed. Mummy said rodents shouldn't be inside houses so he lived in our utility room on top of the laundry cupboard. I said he wasn't a rat but mummy said he was close enough. I had to climb on a chair to look at him.

Wonka has a wheel but he doesn't go on it much. He tripped over it on the way to his water bottle once though. He's a bit fat. Probably because he doesn't do any exercise. I wasn't allowed to take him out unless dad was there and when we did he just sat there on dad's hand and didn't move. Wonka sleeps loads. That's all he does.

Hamsters are boring.