27/01/2011 10:24 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Texting Makes New Couples Jump Into Bed Sooner

Texting and messaging via Facebook have well and truly taken over from that old-fashioned method of communication between new lovers - that is, the love letter. But digital courtship is also leading to new couples jumping into bed sooner, says the latest annual sex survey by two US magazines.

paris-hilton-phone-text Romantic text messaging is leading to couples having sex sooner, as Paris apparently knows only too well. Photo: PA

According to the 1,200 people who took part in the survey by Shape and Men's Fitness magazines, almost four out of five women and three out of five men said they thought texting and using Facebook and other social networks led to couples having sex sooner.

The survey found that the number one method of communication between lovers was text messaging. Women apparently text 150 more. It's also a great way to ask someone out, with 65 saying they'd been asked out via a Facebook message.

Facebook and Google are also popular methods of checking out your date before you meet up, with 70 of men looking up their new love interest before going out with them. Well you would, wouldn't you?

And it seems that we also can't resist taking a peek at a new lover's ex, with 72 of women and 27% of men have been dumped digitally.

Does texting and Facebook messaging get you in the mood for romance?

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