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Chocolate Treats - Without The Calories

woman-with-chocolate-face-mask Karin Herzog's Oxygen and Chocolate Facial Treatment is calorie-free

Does your New Year's resolution to give up chocolate feel like a vague and distant memory? If not, well done - you probably have willpower of solid steel. Or maybe it's because you don't in fact like chocolate.

If you've been eyeing up your left-over Christmas chocolate stash, however, but you're determined not to give in (well, not until Valentine's Day, at least), we've scoured near and far to find calorie-free chocolate treats that might help take the edge off those longings...

Cocoa flavoured tea Chocolatea from Tea4Life is a blend of pure Japanese Sencha green tea and raw organic cocoa nibs (dry roasted pieces of cocoa beans). It could well be what calorie-conscious chocoholics have been waiting for. Chocolatea has no added fat or sugar, and because the nibs have been blended and brewed, the calorific content is negligible. £5.95 for 50g.

Cocoa-based pampering For serious salon treatment fans, the Matis Cocoa Wrinkle Wrap - where you are literally swapped in a specially formulated chocolate cream for 20 minutes - leaves your skin feeling toned and hydrated. Be careful though. You'll smell so delicious, someone might try to eat you afterwards. The Cocoa Wrinkle Wrap is available at Neville Hair and Beauty in London's Belgravia, priced £200.

Alternatively pamper yourself at home with indulgent body treatments from Germaine de Capuccini including the mouthwatering Chocoscrub and Rich Coco Body cream, both £36.20.

Chocolate hair care
Hair that smells of chocolate? That's right, courtesy of Ikove Acai Chocolate shampoo and hair conditioner, £6.63 each. They contain cocoa and acai berries, and apparently Lisa Snowdon is a fan, saying they "smell yummy and delicious". We don't doubt you, Lisa. And as an added bonus, the Ikove product range (which also includes face and body products) is made with fairtrade ingredients sourced from the Tupi-Guarani tribe in the Amazonian rainforest.

Feed your face Boost your skin with cocoa-based skincare products, such as Finest Chocolate Cleansing, £32, Chocolate! moisturiser, £43 and Coco 2 (a treatment cream with lashings of real Swiss chocolate), £59, by Karin Herzog. We're told all three leave your skin feeling soft and smelling divine. Or spoil yourself with the Oxygen and Chocolate Facial. Divine.

Colour therapy They may not smell like chocolate but we love the Nubar Chocolate Truffle nail colour collection because they look delicious. Choose from 'flavours' such as Swiss Chocolate, Chocolate Covered Caramel, Chocolate Crème and Chocolate Coffee Bean, all of which look good enough to eat (but here's a tip: don't even try it, as despite the fact that they are all eco-friendly nail colours with no formaldehyde and other nasty chemicals, we can guarantee they won't taste nice). Just £8 a bottle.

Not quite calorie free For when you simply must have the kick you get with the real thing, we've discovered The Super Booster from Hotel Chocolat, £5 for 15g. These are pure little cocoa nibs sealed in 70% cocoa dark chocolate and perfect when you need that caffeine buzz. The cocoa nibs are intensely flavoured, so you won't need to eat many (a 5g serving has just 27 cals).

Tell us how you satisfy your chocolate lust with the least calories possible.

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