03/02/2011 04:53 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Blog Of The Week: The Cupcaketologist

The Summer Secret cupcakes Case Study #66 'The Summer Secret'. Photo courtesy of Jessica Pizzo

The lowdown: The Cupcaketologist - also known as Jessica Pizzo - looks at life through the medium of cupcakes and invites readers to enjoy the fruits of her own brand of anthropological baking. Each cupcake is its own ethnographic investigation, combining experiences and inspirations.

What we love: Each cupcake is presented as a case study, augmented with beautifully descriptive text and mouthwatering pictures. We love that the emphasis is placed firmly on the experience. Each entry is a bite-sized (pun intended) version of Proust's madeleine moment - a rarity in a world where recipes are usually given first billing.

Look out for: Jessica also runs a Tumblr blog as a complement to The Cupcaketologist which she describes as being like "when you were a kid and you had a treehouse, a secret fort, or a spot under the stairs where you stored all the good stuff". We're also hugely excited to hear that her mission for 2011 is to make more 'haute cuisine' type cupcakes - think foie gras and almond brittle, gold leaf and hazelnut, or caviar and crème fraiche!