03/02/2011 07:02 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Smartphones: The Latest Cause Of Premature Wrinkles?

woman-holding-iPhone Squinting at your smartphone could cause frown lines. Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Mobile phones have already been blamed for causing skin allergies - some people are even convinced they may affect your brain. And now a top cosmetic doctor claims smartphones are causing women to develop premature wrinkles.

Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh - who many may know as the man whose clients allegedly include celebrities such as Madonna and Cindy Crawford - could single-handedly bring the share price of smartphone companies crashing down with his claim that many of his clients need Botox after squinting at their iPhones or Blackberries for too long.

The tell-tale sign of smartphone wrinkles are lines around and between the brows, apparently, which are caused by tense muscles that develop from all those hours of scrunching your face up to focus on your phone's screen. Apparently it's a natural reaction when faced with reading messages on a small screen - so it sounds like there's nothing you can do about it (apart from use your smartphone less often, of course).

Well he might have a point - just watch people using their smartphones to see what he means.

Of course the remedy, says Dr Sebagh, is some light Botox to smooth out the lines. Yes, why didn't we think of that? Meanwhile other therapists recommend a face massage to relax all those tight muscles.

Have you noticed any new developing wrinkles since you started using a smartphone, particularly around and between your brows? Or do you think this is simply a marketing ploy for cosmetic doctors to drum up new customers?

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