08/02/2011 12:57 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Get Romantic At Selfridges This Valentine's Day

Looking for a way to avoid the predictable gift this Valentine's Day? If chocolates and flowers (again) just won't cut it for you this year, Selfridges may have the answer, with its newly-launched pop-up store The Together Shop.

There's now no excuse for not finding (or receiving) the perfect Valentine's gift this year. Pic: Courtesy of Mills & Boon

Celebrating products that come in pairs, fit together, or are designed to be shared, from the decidedly non-traditional heroin and cocaine salt and pepper shakers ("could you pass the heroin darling?") to Donna Wilson's cute 'right' and 'wrong' glove sets, if you're anywhere close to Oxford Street between now and the big day, it's definitely worth a look.

mills & boon; selfridges; romance; valentine's day The very essence of romance. And now you too can learn how. Pic: Mills & Boon™.

And for all you true romantics out there, there's more. In honour of the iconic British twosome of Gerald Mills and Charles Boon, Mills & Boon vintage and modern must-read bodice-busters feature next to exclusive jewellery from Bjorg and Renaissance Life and even a tandem bike.

And as though all that weren't enough, Mills & Boon author Heidi Rice will also be in residence in the shop, leading creative writing workshops for customers on 10 and 11 February.

Heidi says: "As author-in-residence, I'm going to be busy soaking up as much of Selfridges' glamour and excitement as possible, to make my next romantic fantasy even more fabulous."

The Together Shop in the Wonder Room Concept Store is open until 18 February 2011 at Selfridges, Oxford Street, London.