11/02/2011 12:44 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Is It Time We Put The Romance Back Into Our Relationships?

Emma Willis is the face of Disaronno's Rekindle the Romance campaign. Courtesy of Disaronno

A new survey that asked men and women how they feel about romance has revealed some surprising news. The results found that over two thirds of men would like more romance in their lives. Really?

It gets worse. Over 50% of women polled are planning to do nothing this Valentine's Day and twice as many men than women would consider ending a relationship that lacked romance.

We know that there are a few Prince Charmings out there, but this news that men are desperate for more romance astonishes us. However, perhaps what really shocks us is how badly women have fared in this poll; are we getting lazy when it comes to being romantic?

Emma Willis, the face of Disaronno's Rekindle the Romance campaign, thinks so. She recommends "a thoughtful gesture, small or big, or even just a text message" to reignite the romance in your life.

"People avoid chocolate and flowers thinking that they're a cliché - no! They're fine! Maybe even throw in a pair of shoes! Anything, even if it's just going to a park and chatting for a few hours can make a difference, especially if you've been in a relationship for a long time. We shouldn't get complacent; it's about time we gave a little bit of romance back to the boys".

So it looks like a touch of romance won't go amiss today. What are you doing this Valentine's Day? Let us know in a comment below. If you're stuck for ideas, take a look at our Valentine's gift guide.

Emma Willis is the face of the Disaronno Rekindle the Romance campaign. Pick up some romance tips and get the chance to win a luxury trip to Lake Como in Italy at Disaronno.

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