16/02/2011 08:55 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Real Life Stories: I Didn't Feel A Single Contraction!

Becky Beech, 35, from Eastbourne, didn't experience a single contraction despite three attempts to induce her. It may have been tiring but at least labour was pain free!

Why didn't you experience any contractions?
That part is a mystery to me! I was booked in to hospital for an induction after going 10 days over my due date. They began the process by examining me - I was soft but less than a centimeter dilated - so they inserted a prostaglandin pessary at about 10.30pm. The hope was that something would happen overnight and I'd go into labour naturally.

What happened the first night?
Not a lot! I remember lying awake for most of it, unable to sleep. In part, I was expecting something to happen, but mainly I couldn't sleep as it was too hot and bright. Even with earplugs, I could hear buzzers ringing all night long. I remember wondering what the women could need every five minutes - little did I know then!

And the next morning?
Nothing had happened overnight, so they gave me another pessary in the morning. The midwife told me that the second one works for most women. I remember going for a walk around the hospital grounds with my partner, expecting something to happen any minute.

But it didn't?
No, I had to wait another 12 hours and then they gave me a third one. This, I was assured, was bound to kick start things! When the third one didn't work I started to feel very disheartened. I asked the midwife what would happen now and she told me that a caesarean