18/02/2011 05:43 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mobile Phones Are Safe For Your Brain, Say Experts

There's good news today if you're the kind of person who lives on your mobile phone. According to Manchester University scientists, despite all the scare stories over the years that have linked mobile use with brain problems - particularly tumours - they aren't bad for your health after all.

woman-talking-on-mobile-phone-brain-cancer Talk all you like, as experts say it won't harm your brain. Photo: Getty

The researchers are hoping to put the record straight once and for all, claiming that the increased use of mobile phones between 1985 and 2003 hasn't led to any noticeable change in the rate of cases of brain cancer in England between 1998 and 2007.

And you have to admit, since 48 million people in this country use a mobile (we apparently have the highest number of mobile users per head of population in the world), you might expect any kind of problem caused by mobiles to be showing up by now.

There has, however, been a rise in one form of brain cancer, they say, but the increase was far too small to be linked with mobiles.

The Manchester scientists' study, published in the journal Bioelectromagnetics, was carried out over a period of nine years and suggests advice from health experts that recommends not using your mobile phone for any significant length of time isn't valid.

Those who are adamant that mobiles are bad for health will, of course, claim that mobile-related health problems may take longer to develop. But for the moment at least, it sounds like it's safe to take advantage of those unbeatable free-minute deals.

Are you inseparable from your mobile? Does this make you feel better about using it all the time?

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