21/02/2011 12:39 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Sheer Madness: Lady Gaga Does Convent Wear

Lady Gaga's found religion. And there's no chance any church would approve.

Lady Gaga's take on convent dressing. Getty Images

The singer, who was most recently spotted on a U.S. chat show paying homage to a condom with her outfit, has gone for another outré look as she performed in New Jersey for her Monster Ball Tour.

Gaga took to the stage wearing a nun's habit, sheer latex dress, nipple tape in the shape of crosses, knickers and white booties.

We've seen the sexed-up religion look before, from Gaga and musical predecessors like Madonna, and by Gaga's standards, this outfit doesn't seem more boundary-pushing than most. It's the kind of outfit we're in the, um, habit of seeing on her.

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