22/02/2011 14:19 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

LFW Frontline Reports: Anthony Gordon, Model Agent

Fashion week might be an endless parade of parties, paparazzi and freebies for some, but it's a different story for the people running the show. In our fashion week blogger series, industry insiders tell us what it's really like to be a part of the fashion week whirlwind.

Anthony Gordon, Premier Model talks us through his Monday at London Fashion Week...

leomie-anderson-topshop-unique Leomie Anderson at Topshop Unique.

Alarm sounds at 7am and the daily debate begins- Hit snooze repeatedly for the next 30 minutes, or roll out of bed, lace up my trainers and get to the gym. Knowing I have MyDaily readers to impress, I roll... I arrive at Premier Model Management by 9:30, and first call of the day goes to Miss Leomie Anderson to congratulate her on the Unique show appearance. She was the fifth look out and stormed down the runway with her über cute Minnie Mouse updo and sailor suit onesie. The theme was 101 Dalmatians and the vibe was pure fun.

Casting was excellent with several Premier girls strutting their stuff - Jeneil, Hannah, Gwen, Julia, Chantal and Bambi. Front row was packed with the usual fashion mafia and Alexa got most of the flash bulbs. I managed to snap a lovely portrait of Anna and Philip. Is it just me, or was Anna giving me eyes??? Quickly filtering through 30+ e-mails that have come through overnight (mostly from agents and models in North & South America), but respond to urgent ones only.

A few damage control phone calls between a mum and daughter seemed to eat up most of my morning, and then I rush to the Covent Garden Hotel to check on Misty Miller, the amazing new 16 year old singer/songwriter I am managing. She has been invited as a VIP guest to the Burberry show after her massive success as the highest viewed artist on Burberry Acoustic. 211,000 and counting!

Before I can race out the door, Jeneil proudly shows me her birthday present, and oh my, the love for her new 150mm black leather heavily studded Lady Clou Louboutin's beams through Jeneil's sleep-deprived gaze.

Jeneil proudly shows off her Christian Louboutins.

As soon as I hit CG hotel, I brush past Kate Bosworth looking amazing in gold studded skirt, and head up to the make-up suite where Misty is sitting across from Daisy Lowe, and the glorious Stella Tenant follows me in. Misty's beautiful face is being enhanced with Burberry's new make-up line. Fresh clean skin, light smokey eyes, a dash of rosey blusher and a plum stain on the lips. Lovely, but gotta get her in a dress and into a car as we only have 15 mins to get across town to Kensington Gardens for the show. Inside the new Burberry show space, it is full-on first class guest list, and the atmosphere in positively electric. Everyone is buzzing about the show is being streamed live for the first time in Piccadilly Circus, and I wonder if the models are feeling a touch of pressure to stay up on their heels.

Anna Wintour and Philip Green at Burberry Prorsum.

Luckily the runway is not the glossy ice rink that it was last season... Anna and Philip are in attendance again. Also lining the front row are Samantha Cameron, Mr Testino (with his ever-friendly smile), and I am most excited to see the guys from Duran Duran. Cue the childhood flashback to me buying my first ever cassette tape, The Reflex!.

As the models stormed the runway, I was happy to see menswear weaved in amongst the ladies. As usual, there was incredible classic tailoring, but this brand has become so creative, modern and fun that as the snow fell on the final parade, I felt inspired to buy a new jacket. Immediately.

Channel 4's documentary about Premier Model Management, The Model Agency, debuts tomorrow at 10pm.