24/02/2011 11:29 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Celebrate 100 Years Of Electric Cinema

Courtesy of Electric Cinema

Notting Hill's Electric Cinema will be celebrating its 100 year legacy with a number of special screenings over the course of the year. To kick things off, the cinema is hosting the Electric Electric All-Nighter this Saturday, 26 February, where a selection of 1970s films guest curated by Peter Howden will be shown.

The night starts at 11pm with Michael Powell's Peeping Tom finishing with George Lucas' first feature film, THX 1138. To keep guests awake, original episodes of Batman & Robin will be screened in between the films while breakfast baps and homemade chocolate brownies will be served throughout the night.

Sound tempting? Tickets are available from for £22.50. Find out more at Electric Cinema.