24/02/2011 19:37 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Dannii's Dream Oscars Outfit

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If I was putting together my dream Oscars ensemble, my first stop would be Beirut-based couturier Elie Saab. I love the way he combines classic red carpet glamour with a little touch of something new and unique.

Saab has the unique ability to bring the best out of everyone he dresses. You see celebrities who have the option to wear the very best of everything all the time and yet it seems that it's not until they slip on one of his dresses that they truly fulfill their fashion potential.

I don't think he's an outrageous designer he's just cool and modern but classic at the same time, which is everything I love. I love to see beautiful women wearing ES - yes, they look gorgeous in gowns all the time, but his stuff seems to have an edge and this gives the women he dresses an edge.

I don't know if it's the cut, the structure or something else – I haven't worked it out yet because I've not worn his stuff – but he always endows women with that 'WOW' factor... that something special. I really hope we see lots of his stuff on the Academy Awards red carpet in a few days' time.

For a red carpet as glamorous as that at the Oscars I would want hair that was really low-key to compliment a gorgeous gown. Trust me, if you choose right the dress it is going to be elaborate or impressive and stand out so well that you won't want the hair and makeup to compete. I like something that looks coiffured but a little lived-in and natural at the same time. Nothing too structured.

In terms of makeup, it's all about accentuating a woman's natural beauty, not overdoing it. There are a few hair and makeup artists who really get that. You can count on Jennifer Aniston to always look her absolute best on the red carpet. Her skin's always glowing and immaculate, probably from the water she drinks and those regular yoga sessions. She looks classy, natural and perfect! Whoever she has working with her (and trust me, I'd love a peek at Jen's little black book to find out) makes sure she maximises her natural assets.

To top off my dream Oscars outfit I would have to choose Harry Winston for jewellery, not least because of the line from the Marilyn Monroe song Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend: 'talk to me Harry Winston, tell me all about it...' From the dawn of red carpet time he's been the most famous awards ceremony jeweller. I love a classic, and I'd love to check out Harry Winston and let him tell ME all about it!!!

Enjoy the Oscars everyone and don't forget to check in with My Daily after the red carpet – I'll be dishing on my favourite gowns from the big night! Dx