08/03/2011 13:29 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Jennifer Aniston's 'New Sex Tape'

Jen sips while a wind machine creates a sexy look. Photo: SmartWater

Jennifer Aniston has set the internet alight with a funny new video for SmartWater, including lots of hair tossing, dozens of adorable puppies, dancing babies, and a fat man crying at a rainbow.

The new video has jokingly been marketed as 'Jen Aniston's sex tape', and kicks off with You Tube child sensation Keenan Cahill lip-syncing to Like a G6.

Internet child sensation Keenan Cahill stars in the commercial. Photo: SmartWater

He's replaced by Jen, who's soon surrounded by Andrex-cute puppies, before a talking parrot takes centre stage, followed by computer-generated, dirty dancing babies.

Jen cuddles up to adorable labrador puppies. Photo: SmartWater

The sartorial take on internet video hits also sees Jen comforting a man who starts crying at a double rainbow - in a reference to the hilarious 'Double Rainbow' viral smash - and kicking a ginger man who tells her he loves her in the groin.

'Sorry,' she says. 'I've just been told that's worth about a 100,000 hits.' It finishes with her doing some joke-sexy hair swishing while drinking from the bottle.

Take that! Jen jokes she'll get more internet hits by kicking a ginger admirer in the groin. Photo: SmartWater

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