08/03/2011 13:22 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

My Best Boss: Amy On Camille

Amy's brilliant Boss Camille

I first met Camille about 10 years ago when I joined the Legal team at AOL. I was a qualified US lawyer but did not have the English equivalent as I was planning on being in London for a short period of time. Camille was head of Policy – an important arm of the Legal team. I reported in to Camille for a brief period of time and worked closely with her on a number of issues throughout the years.

I learned the most from Camille simply by being around her and observing the way she interacted with her team, management, and others in the industry. I saw that the way Camille was effective was by being at the top of her game with the policy issues important to our business and making sure she communicated those issues. She was an expert in her subject matter and a trusted advisor both within the company and within the industry.

Camille was an excellent leader with the ability to offer advice, opinions and encouragement. She influenced my career not just by doing her job well, but by showing a personal interest in me. Camille strongly encouraged me to get my English Law Qualification, which I did. Ten years on, I am now the head of AOL UK Legal. She showed me that taking actions towards proving the old adage that people are your greatest asset will promote more enjoyment and loyalty from your team and work colleagues.

I am doubtful that Camille understands the impact she has had on my career or on me as a person, but the impact has indeed been great. I thank Camille for her interest in me and my career, the advice, encouragement, opinions she offered throughout the years, and most of all her friendship.