08/03/2011 18:04 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Parentdish Exclusive: WAG Carly Cole On Breastfeeding, Swimming, And Three More Babies!

Carly Cole is the WAG we women like - no perma-tan, extensions and ostentatious splashing the cash. Instead she's had her feet firmly on the ground with a successful independent career as a fitness trainer, a solid relationship with footballer husband Joe Cole and she's now loving life as a new mum.

Like all new mums, Carly's life is a frenetic mish-mash. Having just moved from London to Liverpool with her England and Liverpool footballer husband, Joe, and four-month-old daughter Ruby, Carly is busy house-hunting and settling into a new city and way of life.

In between estate agents visits, feeds and nappy changes, she found time to have an exclusive chat with Parentdish about babies, breastfeeding and keeping fit and healthy.

On the Challenges of Motherhood:

'It's the little things, like for example going supermarket shopping – how can you have a pram AND a trolley? It wasn't so bad when we lived in Chelsea and everything was on the doorstep, but now we've moved, it's all changed – I've even had to get a smaller pram so I've got something smaller and lighter to whiz about with!'

On Breastfeeding:

'Our routine has totally gone out of the window with the move, although one good thing about it is that I've continued to breastfeed Ruby for a bit longer – I was planning to stop at three months, but it's just much easier to keep going at the moment. It really helped get me back into shape after her birth, too.'

On the Most Amazing Things About Ruby:

'Oh, when she smiles and laughs! Like when we go swimming, she gives me really tight cuddles in the water – grabbing me and smiling, it's lovely!'

On Having 'Me' Time:

'We were on holiday recently and I managed to fit in two massages in the two weeks. It's so difficult with a baby, but Joe is brilliant – a real hands-on dad. Because I'm still breastfeeding I don't like to be away from Ruby for too long, but he really does his bit and is always there if I need to slip off for a couple of hours.'

On Her Water Baby:

'Ruby was about three months when I first took her to the pool. She had a slightly shocked and surprised look on her face at first, but she really loved it. She is a proper water-baby now - if she is crying at home I sometimes dip her in the sink! It's not quite the same as being in the pool but it does really seem to relax her.'

On Keeping In Shape:

'Although I've always been really active, and I was a fitness trainer for a long time, I'm actually quite 'phasey' with things! I get into something, do it for 6 months then move onto something else. Joe actually got me back into swimming when I was about three months pregnant because it was low impact. I carried on right until I gave birth, really. I did lots of yoga too, around twice a week. The breathing really helped to prepare me for labour.'

On Diet:

'I am never harsh on myself - I always think you should let yourself have anything in moderation. I have a relaxed approach - I never deny myself anything. If you enjoy what you have, have a healthy lifestyle generally and eat well 90% of the time, then weight won't be an issue. Some women are on a diet most of their lives, then get pregnant and think they can eat what they like, and then wonder why they gain more weight during pregnancy!'

On Adding to Her Family:

'We would like to have at least two more children – I would love three or even four. I don't mind what sex, though one each would be nice at first. Just as long as they are happy and healthy.'

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