08/03/2011 14:37 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Royal Wedding Fever? Pass The Sick Bag

Royal wedding sick bag Royal souvenirs for republicans. Photo: Lydia Leith

Feeling queasy at the thought of the Royal Wedding? Perhaps the idea that "Willikate" has entered the national lexicon has left you nauseous? Or maybe the fact that William (or indeed Kate) is marrying someone other than yourself has got you feeling decidedly under the weather?

Whatever the reason, we thoroughly recommend illustrator Lydia Leith's addition to the rapidly growing Royal Wedding memorabilia market - the Royal Wedding sick bag.

Open editions of the hand screen printed bags are available to buy in red or blue for £3 each from Lydia Leith's website.

For those doubting the strength of feeling regarding the impending royal nuptials, the site tellingly offers an option to bulk order and an initial limited edition run of the blue "Throne Up'" bag has already sold out.

Are you going to be keeping one handy on 29 April?