08/03/2011 17:28 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

The Worst Celebrity Baby Names Of The Year

Pop singer Gerard Way has won the dubious honour of choosing the worst celebrity baby name of the year.

The My Chemical Romance singer and his wife Lyn-Z (yes, really. I mean the baby didn't stand much chance, did it?) called their daughter Bandit Lee.

That is pretty terrible isn't it? The poor little thing. Apart from anything else, a few nicknames immediately spring to mind, none of which is suitable for a family website.

According to a poll carried out by, this was the worst celebrity baby name of the year.

Second prize went to Nicole Richie and Joel Madden for their choice of the name Sparrow for their son.

Meanwhile my personal favourite came in third - Jamie Oliver with his daughter Petal Blossom Rainbow.

Strangely, Charlie Sheen came fourth with his son Bob. It's not a great name, but it's not the worst choice in the world.

Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson came fifth with their son Dexter. Again. it wouldn't be my choice, but I don't think that's truly terrible.

The worst baby name I've seen this year wasn't a celebrity - it was a boy in a local paper. The little lad was called James. Except he wasn't. He was called Jaymz. I mean, come on.

What would be your worst baby names of the year - celebrity or otherwise?

Source: Digital Spy