08/03/2011 22:30 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Wayne And Coleen Take Baby Kai Home From Hospital

Proud parents Coleen and Wayne Rooney have taken their newborn son Kai home this morning.

A crowd of reporters were waiting outside Liverpool Women's Hospital to see the latest addition to the Rooney clan, and maybe tease a quote out of his famous parents.

Baby Kai has received warm welcomes and heartfelt congratulations have been sent to the family from all over the country.

There's something special about the Rooneys which sets them apart from other footballers and their WAGs and which has made people genuinely happy for them.

Undoubtedly Coleen is not quite like other WAGs. she and Wayne were childhood sweethearts. She doesn't belong to the gang of serial WAGs who update their professional footballer boyfriends each season along with their designer handbags.

Coleen has become famous in her own right as a television presenter. Each of her programmes reiterating how much 'like us' she is. No hanging around with movie stars and fashion designers (a la Posh) for her. She'd rather hang out with you and me, even securing us a top modelling contract if we want.

When Coleen announced that she'd be having her baby at her local NHS hospital and she was aiming for a natural birth, it proved to us all that Coleen's not 'too posh to push'.

Kai was born at 2.20pm on Monday weighing a healthy 8lbs and it's clear that Wayne and Coleen are delighted with their new arrival. The couple were said to be "thrilled with the wonderful addition to their family life".

There are big hopes for the little lad as bookies already have him at 500/1 to play for England. Things may get a little tricky for him in his international career as his first name has several different meanings around the world.

In Maori Kai means "food", in Finland it means "probably", in Bengali "gravy" and in one African dialect it translates as "stop it".

It might not be the most common name, but at least it isn't as weird as fellow footballers' offspring , Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz (Beckham), Liberty (Giggs) and Luna (Lampard).

Baby Kai is likely to be spoilt rotten. However, although his parents can certainly afford to buy him anything he wants, it's more likely that it'll be his parent's attention which will be lavished on him.

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