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61-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth To Her Own GRANDCHILD

61 year old woman gives birth to grandchild A 61-year-old woman in the USA has given birth to her own grandchild.

Kristine Casey, who had her last child 30 years ago, delivered a baby boy, Finnean, for her 35-year-old daughter Sara, who is unable to have her own children.

Sara and her husband Bill are the biological parents of the baby. The couple had previously undergone unsuccessful IVF treatment.

Mrs Connell held her mother's hand as she gave birth to the baby via Caesarean section in a Chicago hospital and said she 'lost it' when she heard her son cry for the first time. She added: 'It's such a miracle.'

Mrs Casey, a mother-of-three, said she was glad she was able to help her daughter fulfill her wish to become a mother.

She said: 'The three of the happiest days of my life were giving birth to my daughters, and I thought I could choose to do this for someone I love.'

The grandmother became pregnant after two courses of IVF and gave birth at 39 weeks.
The baby boy is said to be fit and healthy.

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