09/03/2011 18:28 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Baby Born With Two Front Teeth

Baby born with two front teeth First time parents Joanne and Lee Jones were in for a shock that no amount of ante-natal classes or parenting manuals could have prepared them for when their baby son was delivered.

Little Oliver popped into the world via Caesarean section on December 30th, and instead of the gummy smile his proud parents were expecting, they instead got a flash of pearly whites!

Mr and Mrs Jones, who are from Haverhill, Cambridgeshire, say they have been inundated with friends and family wanting to see their newborn's gnashers.

His proud mum Joane, 31, said: 'Oliver is a very, very good baby and it was a complete surprise to see his teeth. They are not little stumps, they are proper teeth.

'It is not unknown for babies to be born with teeth, but it is extremely rare.

'It was quite comical in the hospital because everyone wanted to come and see Oliver's teeth when they heard about them.'

Doctors say the 7lb 12oz tot may well lose the teeth and replace them with another set of milk teeth, meaning he could end up having three sets in his lifetime. Perhaps not surprisingly, his mum is bottle feeding.

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