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Breastfeeding Mum In Pub: Buy A Meal Or Leave

Breastfeeding mum Kylie Wilson Staff in a well-known pub chain told a young breastfeeding mum she could not feed her baby on their premises unless she bought a meal.

Kylie Wilson, 22, went into the Furness Railway pub in Barrow and ordered a soft drink, whilst explaining she needed to feed her six-month-old son. The bar staff refused to serve her, telling her she would have to buy a meal if she wanted to bring the baby into the pub.

Speaking to the North West Evening Mail, Miss Wilson said: 'I was on my way to Hollywood Park and he started crying so I went in, asked for a lemonade and said 'can I just feed my baby?'

'I thought she was going to let me sit quietly and feed him because the pub was empty, there were only around four people in there.

'At first I thought she refused to let me because she thought I wanted an alcoholic drink, but even after I said I just wanted a lemonade she told me I had to get a meal to have a child with me in there. She wasn't very pleasant with me at all.

'He's six months old. He's not a child, he's a baby. It's not like he can talk or sit.

'I ended up having to go to a Chinese so I could feed him.'

J D Wetherspoon bosses told the North West Evening Mail that its staff had been wrong to refuse to serve Miss Wilson. Its spokesman Eddie Gershon said: 'Wetherspoon allows breastfeeding in all of its pubs.

'The lady in question should not have been told that she had to buy a meal for herself and we apologise to her.'

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