09/03/2011 14:14 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

How To Become An Organised Mum

If I could have one superpower I'd like to be able to "pause" my children, just like you do with DVD's.

They grow up as if they're on fast forward while I'm still on normal play mode. I have trouble keeping up with them while juggling work, house, husband, hobbies and friends too.

If I can't have a special children's remote control then I'll have to settle for more hours in my day. Not possible, right? I think I can find more time without dropping any of those balls I'm juggling and without waving a magic wand. I have a plan.

I'm going to shave off the minutes or hours it takes me to a lot of the everyday tasks that fill my day. That's right, I am going to become an organised mum.

Obviously I need help so enter Nadine Hill my time management guru without a magic wand but with ideas. She's a working mother of two so she knows how busy life with children can be.

First she asks me questions about my domestic arrangements and I give her an outline of my day. I realise I am governed by the clock and how easily I get distracted while on the computer. In my defence one or two tips I have previously thought about, but that's as far as they've got. Clearly I need to be told what to do, so here's what Nadine recommends:

  • Invest in voice recognition software: I haven't yet investigated the cost but I'm not sure if my brain will work in a new way. It's used to transmitting thoughts to my fingertips which then type them quite fast. I might fall at the first hurdle.

  • Make software work for me: Schedule work tweets and set up my computer diary that will ping at me when I need to do the weekly online shop. I love these ideas and realise I need to make my computer work harder.

  • Being stricter with my working hours: I get distracted easily by coffee invites but having a routine of working until midday, when I'm most productive, means afternoons are left for play.

  • Organising the laundry: Giving each child their own mesh bag for underwear and socks will result in it all being laundered quickly and easily.

  • Doing chores with my youngest around: If I have to go shopping I should do it when I have him as it's easier than working when he's about. Similarly ironing can be done while the children are around.

  • Filing: Sorting out the post, paperwork and bills as soon as they arrive means buying a concertina file and some sticky notes. I have a diary already so am not totally disorganised.

Far from feeling a chaotic failure, thanks to Nadine I am now motivated and energised. It's made me focus on how I spend my time and I realise just a few tweaks can make all the difference. I am looking at my life with fresh eyes.

"Being a good mum isn't just about how much you DO – it's also about who you are and you cannot be the best you can be if you are stressed, over tired or deflated. This is why it's important to not try to do it all yourself, ask for help and accept it when it is given. Make it as much of a priority for you to have down time as it is for the kids to do their homework!" Nadine says.

Check back in a month to see if my plan has worked. For more details about Nadine visit her website