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Mum Spends £30,000 On Designer Clothes And Furniture - For Her 4-Month-Old Baby

Mum Lisa Davis has spent £30,000 on her four-month-old baby Nicole How much do you spend on your baby? However much you like to lavish on your little treasure, we bet it's not as much as new mum Lisa Davis, who just can't stop spending on her four-month-old baby.

Altogether, she has already spent more than £30,000 kitting her out.

Baby Nicole already owns four pairs of baby Ugg boots, eight Tartine Et Chocolat babygrows and 12 outfits by exclusive kiddie clothes designer Monnalisa.

Nicole sleeps in a £2,226 crib with carved cherubs on the headboard, complete with £2,000 worth of bespoke bedding from a specialist luxury nursery designer.

And she is pushed around in a Maclaren Juicy Couture Stroller pram.

Lisa, 30, happily admits she has no plans to stop splurging on her pride and joy.

Speaking in the The Sun newspaper, the proud mum, who owns a retirement home business with husband David, said: 'I want her to have the best of everything. Some of my friends think I'm crazy because I spoil her so much but I don't care.

'I don't see myself cutting back on the spending - if she needs something I will have to get it for her.'

The OTT spending spree started before baby Nicole was even born.

Lisa said: 'It's important for her to look nice. All of my family like to put effort into our appearance and make sure we look nice so we want the children to look nice too. I think spending a lot of money on nice clothes shows how much you care about your child.'

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