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Mum Tweets Through Labour

mum tweets her way through labour Throughout her pregnancy, mum of two Mel Wilson had updated her 677 Twitter followers with news of her third child's progress, and when she went into labour, the self-confessed serial tweeter saw no reason to stop.

Mel, 30, - who tweets under the name of Darlobikegirl - first wrote of the impending birth at 5.42pm last Thursday, saying: 'I think that was a contraction – it's got to be.'

She then continued to update her feed throughout the delivery, which culminated in baby daughter Finley's birth at 6.42, writing:

'6.42pm: Flaming hell!! Smallest 1 yet! Finley Michaela Avalon Wilson 8lb 3oz after just 2 pushes!'

The family - husband Dylan and children Alex and Maisie - are no strangers to the power of Twitter, having already made the news when ten-year-old Alex was praised by the police after he helped catch a thief by twit-piccing a photo of him fleeing the scene of his crime.

Mrs Wilson explained her Twitter addiction to reporters, saying it was 'natural' for her to keep her followers up to date with her life: 'I'm always on Twitter, so it would have been weird for me to go quiet all of a sudden. I've got loads of friends and it was easier than sending texts to each of them. It also kept me occupied throughout the labour.'

As more and more people tuned into her feed, Mrs Wilson's labour - which was hashtagged with #darlobikebaby - became one of the most popular or trending topics on the site.

The proud mum said her new baby was just 'lovely':

Mrs Wilson said: 'She's lovely, she's very quiet at the moment.'

Mel isn't the first mum to live-tweet throughout her home birth - last year Twitter fanatic Fi Star-Stone also gave web users a blow by blow account of her baby's arrival.

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