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Stillborn Baby Girl 'Frozen' Back To Life

stillborn baby frozen back to life A stillborn baby girl was brought back to life after doctors spent 25 minutes reviving her, before 'freezing' her to reduce the risk of brain damage.

Rachel Claxton's placenta ruptured and became detached during baby Ella's delivery. After she was born, Miss Claxton briefly held her, before concerned midwives ordered her partner Jason Anderson, 33, to pull the emergency alarm.

'I'd held her for no more than two seconds when the midwife told Jason to pull the emergency cord,' Miss Claxton, 32, said, 'I begged them to tell me what was happening but I already knew she was dead because it had been so long and I still hadn't heard her cry. All of a sudden there were doctors everywhere. The midwife was crying, Jason was crying and no one could tell me what was going on.Then, after what seemed like an eternity, I heard someone say, "She's with us". I couldn't believe it.'

But just hours later, Ella's parents received further devastating news when doctors told them their daughter had suffered hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy – brain damage caused by lack of oxygen and lack of blood supply. They were told to prepare for the worst, and Ella was moved to Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge where she was 'frozen' to reduce the swelling in her brain.

After spending 11 days in hospital, Ella was allowed home, and has continued to thrive. She is now nine-months-old and although has physiotherapy, her brain function is normal.

Her proud mum is now campaigning to raise awareness about the technique used to save Ella's life:
'In the hospital, I couldn't wait to hold her for the first time and give her a warming hug. We still can't be sure of the future or what problems she might face, but so far she's gone from strength to strength. She's our little miracle and every day she gives us new hope.'

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