09/03/2011 18:36 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

US To Ban Drop-Side Cots After Child Deaths - Should UK Follow?

Us to ban drop-side cots, baby in cot Authorities in the United States have announced stringent new safety measures and standards for babies' cots, including a complete ban on drop-side models.

The new regulations from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC) will make it against the law to sell a cot where both sides drop down, or models which do not meet durability standards on slats and mattresses. It will also effectively outlaw the selling of second-hand cots and cribs.

Thomas Moore, Commissioner of the CPSC, said the new rulings were an 'important step to providing a much needed added measure of safety to our young children's sleeping environment.'

'The benefits of our action today will be saving the lives of innocent babies,' he added.

Hotels and childcare providers will have two years to get rid of their existing cots and to replace them with new ones, although the law will go into effect in six month's time.

The CPSC has recalled more than 11 million cots since 2007, and says that over the past three years there have been dozens of cot-related fatalities, almost all of which came about when a baby's head or neck became trapped in a malfunctioning drop-side mechanism.

Consumer groups welcomed the new regulations, which gives the United States the toughest cot and crib standards in the world.

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