10/03/2011 12:23 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Is Kate Middleton Taking Her Wedding Diet Too Far?

Is Kate taking her wedding diet a bit too far? Photo: PA

Every woman understands the pressure of knowing that all eyes are on you on your wedding day.

Thousands of brides embark on a pre-wedding diet to ensure they look their 'best' on their big day. But is it possible to take this too far?

Kate Middleton - although she still looks radiant - seems to be a lot thinner than in recent months, going from a healthy-looking size 12 (at a guess), to a super-slim size 8 (again, a guess).

Princess Diana did the same thing in the lead up to her wedding to Charles, with her bridal gown having to be taken in from a 29in waist to a tiny 23in waist by the time the day arrived.

At a recent official royal engagement in Wales, Kate certainly looked super-trim in her trendy Burberry mac, with those teeny legs emerging underneath.

It might be a good time to remember that it's a good thing to embrace your curves. Do you think Kate looks too thin? Let us know your thoughts below...